Savvik + Aquina

Caring for your patients just got easier.

savvik and aquina

Savvik joined forces with Aquina to offer the industry's best financial management solutions.

Savvik now offers members access to the industry’s best financial management solutions, ensuring the delivery of outstanding patient care for years to come.

  • Via: Instant claims reimbursement
  • Praxis: Unique working capital
  • Curae: Non-recourse patient financing

About Savvik Buying Group
The Savvik Buying Group formally known as the North Central EMS Corporation is a non-profit organization owned by its members and formed to reduce the financial impact of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 within the EMS industry. Our mission is to provide members a mechanism to achieve cost reductions, which has evolved into a group-purchasing program. Savvik values quality supplies and equipment for the members, at the industry’s best prices.